Twin Press is a small company that aims at publishing useful information at an affordable price. The company has a substantial knowledge of the field of professional astronomy and of scientific publishing.

Distributing information

We consider the distribution of scientific information as very important. We are seeking different ways to make information available in a convenient format to the astronomical community. Although many astronomers adhere to the viewpoint that `everything should be available for free', Twin Press is supported by customers only. So we do charge for our efforts. Still, we try to keep our prices at a reasonable and affordable level.


Our policy regarding copyright, a heavily debated issue in publishing, is straightforward. Authors keep their copyright. Twin Press merely requires a license to publish the information the author supplies.
This has a great advantage to the distribution of scientific information: authors can republish their work without requiring permission from a third party. In such a situation it is the authors who decide how and where their work is distributed. Twin Press is to the opinion, and has in fact experienced, that much information is not, or at least not easily, accessible, because copyright constraints by third parties exist on information.

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